NEWS – FORMULA 1 – Sauber C36-Ferrari REVEALED

Sauber presented their new car and it looks ASTONISHING!

Sauber celebrated their 25th year in Formula 1 with their last creation: the C36.srahv3d

When I first saw it, I thought it was amazing. I mean, look at it! The livery is stunning thanks to the Rothmans Racing inspired colour scheme. The engine (Ferrari engine!) is covered with a majetic shark fin which, with the rear spoiler, gives to the car an aggressive look.

If it’s as fast as it is beautiful it could fight for a very good position this year.

They launched the C36 on and in a couple of hours it crashed due to the huge amount of visits.  On their project they say:

[…] work on the concept of the new car was focused on reducing the drag coefficient (due to the wider tyres) to a minimum as well as achieving a significant weight reduction (despite the minimum weight having been raised to 728 kg), for instance by means of the new roll structure. In certain areas of lightweight design the team went to the limits. The aero concept includes the optimisation of the front and rear wings and the underfloor. The radiator, the sidepods and the bodywork were designed to be as slim as possible.


In short, the web went mad for a car that is already an instant classic. Now we just have to wait for Ericsson and Wehrlein to drive it and, who knows, to take it to the podium.

The 25th formula 1 anniversary graphic on the engine cover.

NEWS – Ferrari 812 Superfast

Today Ferrari introduced their last creature and it seems to be a true beast.

They called it 812 Superfast, which is a very unusual name for a Maranello’s product. In fact, over the years they have accustomed us with italian exotic names like Speciale, Berlinetta etc…
This majestic animal will replace the F12 Berlinetta and this is a great responsibility.

Engine: 6.5 lire V12 (789 bhp)
0-100 kph in 2.9 seconds
Top speed: >340 kph
Dry weight: 1525 kg
Price: starting from €280000

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