NEWS – FORMULA 1 – First Car Of 2017!

Today Williams Martini racing team revealed their 2017 F1 car and we can finally see how Formula 1 will look like this year.

The car is named FW40 after the 40th anniversary of the Team. Thanks to Williams, all F1 fans can now imagine how this year championship will be with the new rules.

This video (released in exclusive on youtube channel) shows that the FW40 has nearly the same nose of last year’s car (they introduced that form in 2014).

An image of the FW38 (2016)

It also has a lot of differences with their last car. In fact, the front wing now has a more curved and aerodynamic shape and the rear wing looks very similar with the one Ferrari used on their tests with the new Pirelli 2017 tires.

The 2017 Williams has a little shark fin (reminds me of the 2010 F1 championship)

All we have to do is wait for the next week to see how the other teams designed their cars.


  • Sauber C36 – February, 20 2017
  • Renault RS17 – February, 21 2017
  • Force India VJM10 – February, 22 2017
  • Mercedes W08 – February, 23 2017
  • Ferrari (?) – February, 24 2017
  • McLaren MCL32 – February, 24 2017
  • Haas VF17 – February, 26 2017
  • Toro Rosso STR12 – February, 26 2017
  • Red Bull RB13 – February, 26 2017

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